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Lost LoveThese days it seems as if more and more people are interested in connecting with friends and family that one may have lost contact with over the years maybe even a lost love.

This is seen in the great popularity of the many on-line social sites including one where you can see if a Lost Love is looking for you. Match.com® Official SiteLost Love

For singles, sometimes it’s not only friends and family who we wonder what happened to, but that “one who got away”  (the lost love)keeps popping up in our minds. If this is the case for you, you may be having a hard time thinking about trying to reconnect with your lost love.

When thinking about reconnecting with someone from the past overcoming the fear of rejection by the person (Lost Love)is probably the greatest challenge you will face. This is especially true if you were the one who ended the relationship and you caused the other person a lot of pain.  But the bottom line is: what’s the worst that could happen?  If the person isn’t interested in reconnecting with you, you haven’t lost anything since they aren’t in your life now anyway.

If you don’t know where they  live your first task is to find the person. There are many ways to track them down, including asking mutual friends. Using sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc makes it easier than ever to reconnect with people from your past like a lost love.

After locating the lost love, you have to decide the best way to contact them.

If you are feeling a bit apprehensive as to what the response may be the best way may be to send a friendly card. If this isn’t a problem for you then a phone call would be in order.

Using email is not recommended as it could easily get lost in their junk mail and likely never be read. When you do speak with them keep the conversation light and casual.

How the person responds will let you know if they are really interested in seeing you. If they don’t seem overly pleased to hear from you, or if they are with someone else, then you should write them off and move on.

But if the response is positive and they appear to be glad to hear from you, suggesting you meet for coffee or lunch would be a good idea. If you do meet, be sure to take things very slowly. You may have been thinking of this person for a while, but they may be somewhat overwhelmed by your contacting them, especially if it has been a long time since you were together. Your coming on too strong too early could be frightening.

In movies couples often find their lost love after long periods of being apart and discover that the feelings they once had are still there. Hopefully, this will happen in your case.

This is an easy plan to use for reconnecting with someone from your past, and unless you ask you will never know if you are in their thoughts too.

If your are searching for your lost love here is wishing you the best.



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